“Taiwanese Stamps: A Cultural Heritage” is the project I have chosen for my final interactive website. The website will focus on introducing the cultural arts behide each Taiwanese stamp. It would organize the historical background, themes, and examples of various kinds of Taiwan postage stamps. The most important mission of this project is initiating the audience into the knowledge of Taiwanese local characters. A postage stamp is a visiting card of the country. The images on the stamps illustrate many different themes. There are many exciting stories behind the images. The function of the images on a postage stamp is to celebrate a country’s famous people, ideas, events, and art. A stamp is not only the calling card of the country but also the epitome of its history.

Once you have sorted your stamps and have selected ones that are Taiwanese, spread out all the stamps on the bottom of page and begin sorting again, this time by age.
The timeline of Taiwan gives us a number of clues about how old a stamp is. Older stamps tend to be printed in one or two colors, while newer stamps often present a veritable rainbow.
Older stamps often are engraved and show !ne lines and detail. Newer stamps are often printed by offset-lithography and show much less detail. Older stamp subjects are often kings and queens, heads of state or dead presidents. Newer stamp subjects are likely to be pop culture topics.

There is no absolute standard for stamps’ classi!cations. In general, stamps are classi!ed according to images, forms, denominations, and functions in Taiwanese post office.
Taiwanese Stamps: A Cultural Heritage would present images of stamps’ classi!cation to introduce to users. There are 7 representative classi!cations: nature, activities, landmarks, legends, society, arts, and transportations.

The user can view Taiwanese postage stamp’s evolution in the timeline by clicking on the “Evolution” button on the homepage, then mouse click each stamp to get more details.

The user wants to !nd the stamp “Ancient Chinese Paintings on the Palace Museum Stamps” which issued in 08/04/1960.